Et in Arcadia Ego

The Sauniere Society, a non-profit-making organisation, was formed firstly to pursue the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. However the Society’s brief has widened so that now its primary objective is to seek out the truth, Truth or “truth” over an extensive area of history and mystery.

Programme for 2024
(subject to National Medical Advice and Restrictions)
The Musical Museum
Saturday 16th March 2024
The date of the massacre in 1244 of the Cathars at Monsegur
£35 members £40 non-member
(refreshments available in the museum restaurant)
399 High Street
Speakers include
Hamilton White
Researcher and presenter on the History channel will talk about Otto Rahn and present some of his new publications
Yuri Stoyanov
Author of 'The Other God' - dualist religions from Antiquity to the Cathar Heresy. (tbc)
Debi Saunders
Poor fellow soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon - the first western superpower?
Robert Feather
(health permitting) will investigate the DVD 'The Spear of Christ'
Morelle Smith
will present her new book 'Beyond the Lion Gate' about the struggle of Albania.
Gerry O'Donnell
introducing his new book 'The Village Atheist'

Participants are welcome to join myself and some of the speakers at The Griffin for dinner afterwards.
Speakers’ books will be on sale plus many other new esoteric publications, DVDs & CDs, along with (Hollywood film producer and author) Richard Stanley’s new book ‘The Last Crusade’.

For tickets please send cheques or cash to
The Secretary,
Sauniere Society,
Arpinge Court,
CT18 8AQ

or by bank transfer to:
The Sauniere Society.
Account number: 41230328
Sort code: 40-24-37.

If you choose to transfer funds please send an email letting us know what you've paid in and what it's for, along with the account name if we know you by another name
For more information please contact:
Saunière Society,
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